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Artwork and/or Sculptures

Artwork or Sculptures Made Just for You

What's more amazing than having a one of a kind piece of artwork or sculpture in your room?

 The part that it is affordable!

I work with people to create amazing pieces just for them, to their tastes and budgets. Whether you want an oil painting for a living room feature wall or a sculpture for your feature shelf,

I can help. 


Graphic Design

Logos, Brochures, product post cards, product or services advertisements book promotion materials and more. If you need a design and have no idea where to go for those designs, I can help. I'm very good at helping people find a style to fit their need and create whatever they need just for them. Contact me below so we can discuss your project. Fees are dependent on project and hours needed to complete the work.

Wainani PostCard Shot.png
AugustRayBookmark copy.jpg
Owllight Bus Card.png

Bookmarks and post cards designed to go with the author's book and style

Logos are an important part of branding. I can help you find what works best for you!

Logos, business cards, real world banner designs are just a few of the things I can design for your business, in your colors and your style.

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Book Cover Design

I've been designing book covers for 18 years, working with publishers and authors throughout the years on books from non-fiction to fiction, all genres. Cover fees start at $200 when made using photographs provided by the author and can go as high as $1000 for detailed original art (and includes the original art painting.) Click below to email me and start discussion on your cover.

DECODERs Cover Shot.png
Among Ancients Cover Shot.png
110 Miles Cover shot.png

Book Formatting 

I've been formatting books for approximately 15 years, working with multiple publishers and many authors through the years on projects both non-fiction and fiction. I've included photos, illustrations, and an array of format elements from bullets, drop caps and everything in between. Fees start at $1.50 a page. Click below to email me and start discussion on your book's interior formatting

I also illustrate. Images, such as the one below, start at $25 USD. Color and more detailed illustrations are priced project to project.


Among Ancients Screen Shot .png
Format Sample Shot DH.png
Format Sample Shot.png
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