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Entertainers of yesteryear were the story-tellers, bards, elders.

When times were simpler, everyone would gather around the family or town story- teller, bard, or elder after nightfall  to clear their minds of the day's trouble and ready for sleep.

Find your nightly entertainment inside the pages of a T.C. McMullen Novel

Moonlight drops, words become pictures and scenes that breathe life into characters who sweep you away on amazing, empowering adventures.

Below are T.C.'s available novels.

All novels are trade paperback 5.5 x 8.5 inch size and/or Ebook. 

Click a Novel to read excerpts, reviews, and find purchase links .

 Personally Autographed Copies available in the Shop.  

 "I am so obsessed... T.C. should definitely be a New York Times best seller with this (Disillusionment) series. Her writing style flows so nicely you feel like you are the characters, if not a character, then watching a 3D movie"    — Deborah from Pennsylvania 

The Disillusionment Series

The seven book series inspired by Sumerian mythology is a fantasy family saga that spans generations of the Brye Annis and Devassi families with adventures including "Pure gods,"  "Impure Gods," demigods, argels, drakos, and humans caught in the struggle for  Earth's fate.  The emotion-filled tales include 

adventure, coming of age, dragons, wars with the gods, and a dash or two of romance.  

Action Adventure__260 pages____Av

"Loved it! Haven't read a book like 'The Unseen' in years." — Megan, reader from Australia.

"T.C. puts to rest forever the fallacy that women can't write convincing battle scenes.Those scenes abound in Scorching Eden, and are wrenchingly believable... Scorching Eden has one of the most satisfying 'surprise endings' I've ever read" — Nina M. Osier, author of 2005 Eppie winner REGS

The Manipulated Evil Trilogy


These characters came about as a result of 9/11 and events that followed. Ravyn is driven to do all she can to save everyone she can despite being rough around the edges, and Kyle is the oblivious college student dumped into the chaos. This is such a vast trilogy - a fight to save humanity with characters who must learn to work together, accept each other, and accept themselves. There’s adventure, epic battles, romance, and more inside these pages.


(Whispers of Insanity) "T.C. McMullen had my attention from the very first page. From then on I was hooked and could not put the book down. Her story is very well written and you can easily relate to the characters. It was truly the best psychological thriller I have ever read. Keep them coming T.C. McMullen" —Amazon Reviewer

"It (Rise of the Arcadians) adds just the right amount of fighting and romance in its pages, but also has beautifully written characters that draw you in..." — Chad from Pennsylvania


(Rise of the Arcadians) "I fell in love with Desire from the first meeting. She is sassy and strong. I really enjoyed her moral compass and her passion for making things right. She is a great heroine and a lady to look up to... I would recommend this book to any fantasy loving friends who are looking for something a little different. It was a great book to get me out of my reading slump." — Amazon Reviewer

"I really enjoyed 'Among the Ancients' and seeing how Bryce reacts to being swept to a different reality and how it changes him. I like how the author connects the past with the present and uses strange phenomena we hear about today." — Amazon Reviewer


Stand Alone Novels


Rise of the Arcadians: dystopian adventure of a young woman's struggle to save her people.

Among the Ancients: fantasy adventure inspired by the Bermuda and Devil's Triangle


Whispers of Insanity: psychological thriller, a young man struggles to remember his past before more of his family are murdered. 


 "When I read a book I expect to feel some emotion. This book has certainly done that. My heart was pumping the whole way through and I had a hard time putting it down. It is a very easy read and thoroughly enjoyable. I was even left dreaming about it. I think the author has real talent and I look forward to reading her future books. It is a MUST READ BOOK!!!"    — Lisa from Pennsylvania



Gone Before Dawn was my second book, a story of a mother's fight to save her children from an abusive father and an evil more than a century old.

It is currently available only in ebook, but I'm working on finishing its sequel now and will release both in print and ebook when Gone Before Dusk is complete.

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