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The reader's favorite!


Can you survive? 


It's the year 2122, seventy-two years after the Upheaval that changed the world. 

The Earth is nothing like it once was -- rivers became oceans, waters washed away sands and soil to leave jagged cliffs, earthquakes reformed mountain chains, climates grew cold, freezing northern lands, and technology was lost or without resources to continue. 


Humanity struggles on. Farming and protecting the wall guarding civilized borders from cannibalistic outsiders called the Oceaners are the main priorities. One stone citadel full of armed forces stands outside the wall’s center. Two more stand at the northern and southern borders. But good men to fill them are scarce. 


For reliable help and information, Darvid Squire, leader of the citadels, relies on Scout, a nomad girl he met in the wild lands outside the wall. She knows much about humanity’s past and she knows things of the future before they happen. She also knows the secrets of the haunted outer lands everyone else fears. 


When Oceaners band their forces to unconquerable numbers, citadel leader is taken captive and Desire with her knowledge along with a new recruit who has secrets of his own become humanities last hope to stop the devouring and torture of the remaining world.



Allow up to 10 days for shipping. 

Rise of the Arcadians Book

  • Trade Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 inches. 332 pages of action, thrills and suspense. This story, character, and the world they live in is an all time reader favorite.  

  • Book Return and Refund Policy.  If your book arrives to you damaged, contact me to replace the book or refund your money. 

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