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Over 2000 years have passed since mankind found its creators, the Pure Ones, and abandoned the world they once destroyed. When they return to Earth to mine its resources, they do so not knowing the multitudes of humans left behind hadn't all died. Life has changed much for the people of Earth by the year 4327. 


Tryn Brye Annis, a daughter of her people's guardian clan, is free in her mind even as the invading Madai people keep her enslaved in the mineral mines. Cedrik DeVassi, a young Madai royal, has witnessed the truth of his people's lies first hand. He lives as a recluse, helping slaves whenever he can. His annual trip to the slave market brings him to Tryn. 


There is something about her he knows he must set free despite the dangers of doing so. With the help of a little man of the Argel race and an exiled god, Cedrik and Tryn are catapulted into an adventure of danger, discovery, and a quest for freedom-her freedom from the slave mines, his from his secrets. 


Don't miss this first book of the Brye Annis and DeVassi adventures full of T.C. McMullen's vivid characters and unique storytelling.



Allow up to 10 days for shipping. 

Daughter of Gods: Disillusionment Book One

  • Trade Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 inches. 328 pages of suspense. This story is full of deep multilayered characters who won't disappoint.  

  • Book Return and Refund Policy.  If your book arrives to you damaged, contact me to replace the book or refund your money. 

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