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Print version OUT OF STOCK.  Ebook available in many formats. Email for ebook.  


Egesa Springs is a quiet, picturesque town nestled deep in a valley along the Pennsylvania mountains, but then the sun goes down. Children disappear and adults vanish or die in mysterious accidents.


Cierra Lancing believes she knows the secrets buried in Egesa Springs.  She has healed from her nearly fatal wounds and returns to the town with her pistol and dog.  Unwilling to trust anyone other than herself, she's determined to find the children she was taken from and to protect her youngest daughter from the doom the town has planned for her.  What Cierra doesn't expect to find is love with the man who has watched over her children while she was gone, but does she dare trust Tristen Durant?


Neither of them realizes the evil hiding beneath the town or the mysteries living within the mansion inn.  With the help of an 1827 murder victim, Cierra struggles to overcome a curse placed on the town over a hundred and fifty years before to save herself and her children.



Allow up to 10 days for shipping. 

Gone Before Dawn Book

  • Print book available in 5.5 x .04 x 8.5 inch size. 172 pages.  Only four copies of the original printing left in stock.  Also available in ebook at you favorite ebook store. 

  • Book Return and Refund Policy.  If your book arrives to you damaged, contact me to replace the book or refund your money. 

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