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Art's role in a Happy Life

Updated: May 7, 2020

No one ever said life was easy. No matter who you are, challenges will rise, the outside world constantly requires us to deal with things, sometimes fun by choice, other times things we would rather not do but need to do.

Our homes, from one room apartments to giant sized mansions, are our havens. We sometimes overfill them with material things in an effort to find happiness, but does that really work? Many people don’t understand the power of a picture on the wall, a statue on a shelf. Many times these can just be things to take up space, but if you selectively pick and choose what hangs on your walls and sits on your shelves, have all these things create joy for you, then those things can transform your space into a place that genuinely makes you feel joy.

Each of us connects with a piece of art differently. Sometimes it’s the colors, sometimes it’s the subject, sometimes we don’t know why exactly, just that viewing it makes us happy. And when that happens, that is the art that needs to be in your space, either hanging on the wall, standing on an easel or a statue or sculpture on a shelf.

Art’s value is how it makes you feel.

When you buy art you:

invest in creating a space that makes you happy and feel at ease,

and all of us need that in our homes, no matter the type or size.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an old trailer or a million dollar mansion, what matters most is how the space makes you and those who visit feel. For most of my life, I’ve lived in mobile homes, some not in the best of shape, but more often than not, people would comment on how nice it looked, how beautiful of a place it was - even when the walls were rotting and windows leaked so much the sills were warped, people would still say how beautiful it looked.

I didn’t understand at first, but then I began to realize. I am an artist -- give me some wall paint, give me canvas and frames, and fabric, and I will transform a room from broken and decaying to looking bright and beautiful without having to spend thousands of dollars. That’s when I started to completely understand the value of my art.

Some people like art that soothes and relaxes, some like it to excite and amaze. Sometimes you can do both in a home or even a single room, it’s all in what you want.

If you’d like to make your home feel happier but don’t know how or where to start, it’s actually very easy. Start by gathering pieces of art that make you feel joy in some way. It can be anything from a painting, to a photograph, to a patterned piece of fabric to a sculpture made from sticks. You can hang a painting or photo. Then you add a print that goes with it, or a statue that pulls the subject, color or mood. Or, it stands alone so the emotion it creates for you is clean and clear.

It’s personal preference from there...

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