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The Year 2024 Begins

It's 2024. It sounds so futuristic to this person who remembers pieces of the 1970s and much of the 80s. Back then I just bumbled through life doing what was expected of me. I was considered a good kid. Never caused trouble, but also just mediocre with my schoolwork and such.

This year I start a little lighter. I'm not mediocre, I'm me. And I've been diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD.

Knowing this has been a great help. Now I know what things to do to help me function a little better. Things like to do lists, not getting frustrated with myself when I get sidetracked and bounce from project to project, and understanding where the uncomfortable panic comes from. I'm giving myself more grace and understanding and getting rid of the "should" and "should nots" that always seem to pop up. They still do, I just don't pay them any attention.

I have a list of many events I hope to participate in this year. I will keep you all updated on where I'll be and when as I get accepted. I've also more seriously started creating with watercolor. I've always loved the dreamy light look of watercolor but had trouble allowing the paint to just be. I want to create more freely and hope you all will like my watercolor when I'm ready to make it public.

Oil paint will always be my most favorite medium, though. I just know that it's a pretty penny to buy original oil paintings and I'm wanting to shift away from prints simply because it's a lot to keep organized. And organized is not something I excel at.

I have no resolutions, other than to do my best with what each day deals to me. I can say that I find more happiness in moments now than I have in past three years. Some of the things I plan are outside my comfort zone but I will do them anyway. Because I know I can and, I have family and friend support that I'm so grateful for.

Here's to a year of happiness in the little things, of new adventures, and above all, only kindness - to ourselves and to others.

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