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Art with a Heap of Pandemic

Owllight Creations still exists!

It's official. As of today, May 7, 2020, all my 2020 shows have been cancelled until next year.

There's so much uncertainty and strife in everyone's life right now, it's a bit of a relief even as it's sad. I miss meeting up with all my vendor friends. I miss talking to my customers and meeting new people. It doesn't help that my shows are the majority of my income as shows are for all my art vendor friends. It's rough all around in so many walks of life.

The thing that sticks in my head these days is this: 2020 was the year I chose to focus on my art full time for the first time in my life. I ran a publishing company, my art on the side. I worked in advertising and fought to do my art on the side. I raised my three girls, and ran the household and freelance design services, all while learning and then creating my art on the side. Last fall, I made the leap to create and market my art full time, even investing in an old, tiny RV to restore and use to transport my outdoor store. Maybe I'll have it fully restored for 2021. Meanwhile, all my art is still available at my online show at

I'm rather good at going with the flow, though, so my thoughts are now on how to help people even just a little right now, and to make everything better for my booth next year. And to hone my product lines. A lot of my art focuses on #dragons, and #nature. But I had an idea in my head for a while now for a new type of sculpture. I thought this year was fitting to make the phoenix tea light holder a reality. I've also done a blue flame as a commission and have a translucent clay suncatcher phoenix and a pendant phoenix in the works. While I have some new dragon designs I'll work on this year too, the #phoenix felt so fitting for the current circumstances. We will rise again.

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