This and That: Grandma's House

I was one lucky kid, living in the rural Pennsylvania mountains. I saw both sets of my grandparents on a regular basis but we lived in a trailer at the end of my maternal grandparent's lane so I saw them almost daily. They had a farm, where my Pap raised cows, and had a few horses. Always chickens and ducks and I still remember being dropped off early every summer morning so my mom could go to work and helping grandma carry water and feed up to the tiny chirping peeps and feeding the ducks. Their farmhouse was built in the 1800s and my Pap put a lot of his artistic talent into it, facing the fireplace and the front porch with stone he had gathered from all over, I'm sure. I remember the sou

All Art: Same thing, same way - Twice.

I started a job in advertising a year ago and had a couple things about myself become very clear. The first was that I'm capable of handling big things in a short amount of time. The second - I am totally incapable of doing the exact same thing the exact same way twice. It's rather frustrating. Since this realization I have purposely put full effort into duplicating something the same way. It's not possible. I can not do it. I block out exactly the same amount of clay for a dragon, same color, same everything. First dragon is small and adorable. His twin, also adorable, is somehow a finger width taller. I do something on a website. There are clear steps to accomplishing the task. Yet, someh

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