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Hi There! 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate your time and hope something of my artwork will add beauty and joy to your life. My goal is to bring you nature inspired art full of wonder and realism that makes even the whimsical fantasy feel grounded with soothing and uplifting colors to fit any decor.  My novels are written to empower you with character driven, emotionally satisfying, and exciting tales.


All my work is crafted to help you chase away the daily grind and create peaceful havens inside your home. 

Art of Several Mediums

Growing up on my grandparents' 1800's farm in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, there was never a shortage of imaginative days. Stories started there, paintings too, and sculptures from clay dug up when my grandfather created the dam. Walking the acres of farmland and woods, I developed a deep relationship then, that I still have today, with nature. It always comes out in my artwork, from books, to paintings and sketches, to sculptures, though the mediums and my skills have improved over the years. 

The Modern Writer Who Doesn't Write Modern

Escape Life's Chaos

and Feed Your Soul

Within the Works of Reader Acclaimed Author and Artist T.C. McMullen

Stories that empower!

Travel through time and pages, meet vivid characters, and experience unique worlds and suspense-filled action from author T.C. McMullen.


Inspired by history and our current world, most written about the future, T.C.'s novels take readers on exciting adventures 

Escape into the serene beauty of nature with animals, or into the realm of fantasy with dragon prints, paintings, and sculptures.


T.C. works in many mediums for her art including oil paint, pencil, and clay. Visit the Shop page to see what's available to lift the mood and add fun to any room.

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