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The Modern Writer Who Doesn't Write Modern

Escape Life's Chaos

and Feed Your Soul

Within the Works of Reader Acclaimed Author and Artist T.C. McMullen

Entertainers of yesteryear were the story-tellers, bards, elders.

When times were simpler, everyone would gather around the family or town story- teller, bard, or elder after nightfall  to clear their minds of the day's trouble and ready for sleep.

Find your nightly entertainment inside the pages and art of T.C. McMullen

Moonlight drops, words become pictures, scenes, and breathe life into characters who will sweep you away on their adventures.

Decorate your walls and shelves with the serene and unique nature art.

Adopt an empowerment dragon. No matter how big or small, dragon energy brings strength and good fortune.  

Stories that empower!

Travel through time and pages, meet vivid characters, and experience unique worlds and suspense-filled action from author T.C. McMullen.


Inspired by history and our current world, most written about the future, T.C.'s novels take readers on exciting adventures 


thriller and adventure fantasy novels

Escape into the serene beauty of nature with animals, or into the realm of fantasy with dragon prints, paintings, and sculptures.


T.C. works in many mediums for her art including oil paint, pencil, and clay. Visit the Shop page to see what's available to lift the mood and ad fun to any room.


dragon and wildlife art