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Starlight and Judgment

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Starlight and Judgment
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Starlight and Judgment: 
Book Three in the Disillusionment series

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Second generation daughter of gods, Kira (nicknamed Starlight) lives under the shadow of past tragedies, fights inner turmoil and haunting memories, and helps ensure the safety of her people. She works as a spy for the underground Inaut information line her father began, to ensure the Madai keep to their peace treaty promises. When she finds proof of a planned attack on her home city of Tarjei, she becomes the hunted and stumbles onto a Scholar of the Monarch, Dane Valdor.

Oblivious to her true identity, Dane requests her help in his quest to research the west. When the tables turn and he helps her, she discovers the enemy scholar isn't only what he seems to be. And maybe, just maybe, she can somehow heal from the scars she has carried for five years.


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