"A modern writer who doesn't write modern"

Travel through time and pages, meet vivid characters, and experience unique worlds and suspense-filled action from author T.C. McMullen.

Empowering, deeply layered and full of emotions, each tale has mysteries to discover and characters who grow in unexpected ways.


Inspired by history and the current world, but most written about the future, T.C.'s novels take readers on adventures unlike any other. 





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 What Readers Are Saying:



 "I am so obsessed... T.C. should definitely be a New York Times best seller with this (Disillusionment) series. Her writing style flows so nicely you feel like you are the characters, if not a character, then watching a 3D movie"    
                                   — Deborah from Pennsylvania 



"It (Rise of the Arcadians) adds just the right amount of fighting and romance in its pages, but also has beautifully written characters that draw you in..."

                                                                — Chad from Pennsylvania



"T.C. puts to rest forever the fallacy that women can't write convincing battle scenes.Those scenes abound in Scorching Eden, and are wrenchingly believable... Scorching Eden has one of the most satisfying 'surprise endings' I've ever read"                                 — Nina M. Osier, author of 2005 Eppie winner REGS



"Loved it! Haven't read a book like 'The Unseen' in years." 

                                                               — Megan, reader from Australia.


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Elek the drako from the Disillusionment Series

 Young Elek, the drako from the Disillusionment Series